Pilates exercises evenly conditions the body correcting muscular imbalances as it stretches and strengthens all the muscles giving the body a well-defined shape and targets the deep core and postural muscles.

Pilates is a “mind body” method and encourages correct breathing techniques which increase lung capacity and blood circulation. It improves bone density and promotes good joint mobility and stability.

It is extremely safe and beneficial to those with back problems. Sports injuries, pre or post natal as well as those who are 100% fit and want to stay that way.

The growth in its popularity is testimony to how enormously effective the pilates method is, highly recommended by health professionals, pilates is considered the way forward for rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and general well being regardless of your age, ability or fitness level.

If you have done pilates before your welcome to just book straight into a class

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If you are new to pilates or have an injury it is best to book an induction session before joining a class.

This is a one hour private session at a time convenient for you. In this session we will go through a health screen and posture analysis identifying any muscle imbalances that may need to be worked on. You will also learn the pilates techniques before joining a class. The cost of this session is £25 and includes a free taster class. The book an induction please fill out the contact form or call/text Janet on 07958262768